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After the Warning

Conquering Sexual Sin

From "The Vortex" with Michael Voris

Modern society has been inundated with sexual materials leading numerous souls down a path towards addiction, abortion, the destruction of families, and (in many instances) even the loss of salvation. Battling sexual sin is certainly one of the most challenging calls to modern-day Christians, and one that cannot be ignored.

The following videos, produced by www.RealCatholicTV.com, bring to the foreground where this battle needs to start... a battle against what Michael Voris refers to as a "Gateway Sin".

(After the Warning, countless millions of men and women are going to need guidance, support, encouragement and understanding if they are going to be successful in overcoming this vice that will undoubtedly torment them for the first few weeks or months following the Illumination. The evil one knows our weaknesses and will undoubtedly use this emotionally painful denial of our sexual desires against us in an effort to reclaim the numerous souls slipping through his fingers. Thus the reason why I chose to add these videos to this site.)

If you find these videos useful in your spiritual growth, please consider helping them in any way possible to continue their mission in spreading the Truth while there is still time. Registration is free at www.RealCatholicTV.com.

Warning! The discussed topic may be unsuitable for young audiences. Please use discretion when listening if children are present.

Part 1 of 5: Sex & Morality
It's never discussed, yet considered by many in popular culture to be normal, but being normal doesn't mean you're right.

Part 2 of 5: A Sexual Fantasy World
Young people can become trapped in a specific habit of sexual sin and the effects of that sin can stay with them for the rest of their spiritual and psychological lives.

Part 3 of 5: Battling Sexual Sin
Battling sexual sin is perhaps one of the toughest and most demanding calls of the Christian life ... of the fully integrated life. But discouragement in the battle is not allowed.

Part 4 of 5: Conquering Sexual Sin
It IS possible to overcome sexual sin .. it's possible in fact because it is the Will of God. And if God is on your side, nothing else matters.

Part 5 of 5: The Sexual Gateway Sin
Without a doubt, masturbation leads to other sexual sins. It is a gateway sin so to speak and must not be downplayed, dismissed, or made light of so as to gain a tacit acceptance.
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