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After the Warning

Ned Dougherty

Messages to Ned Dougherty


March 2nd, 2014
St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel
Costa Mesa, California @ 1:40pm

Message from Our Lady of Light

My dear son, I come to you today with a message of great importance for the people of the world. Your worldly leaders are planning on engaging you, my children, in another bloody world war to solidify their enslavement of all of God’s children on the face of the Earth.

I call upon all of you to resist the attempts of the world leaders to engage in this bloody war. I call upon all of you to refuse to bear arms against your brothers and sisters around the world, who are being so manipulated by these dark leaders, who are in league with the evil one, who is hell bent to bring about this damning conflagration upon God’s children.

Once again, I must call upon the children of God to save the world from its own destruction. I call upon children of all ages to resist this demonic plan of the evil one. Children of all ages must rise up in prayer to prevent an Armageddon of destruction and war to consume all of you.

You must recognize now, that through the history of the world, it is the tyrants at the head of the various powerful governments, who are the instigators and movers of the means of destruction that have caused the deaths of millions of people throughout the modern times, as well as in the ancient times.

It was never the plan of the Father in Heaven that there should be war among His children. These wars have been, and continue to be, promulgated by the leaders of the world, who are causing such death and destruction.

I have appeared to many of you through the ages to warn of the death and destruction proffered by your evilly-inspired leaders, and now I am appearing to you once again. This time the warnings from Your Heavenly Mother are more grave than ever before, because of the technology of the modern world which can now destroy the entire human race in the flash of an instant. This is the ultimate plan of the evil one to destroy all of you. But you are wiser now to your leaders and their plans; more than ever before.

As I had warned before to the children of Fatima, the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart is necessary in these times to assure that the evil one will be broken and to usher in an Era of Peace without the inevitable conflagration that will be waged, if the evil one and his minions get their war.

I call upon all of you now in these End Times to petition the Holy Father, who has been rightfully chosen by the Father in Heaven, to fully implement the Consecration of Russia and the people of Russia to my Immaculate Heart in these times. Allow no confusion to exist of what my intentions are for Russia and its people, who I love dearly.

Recognize that it is not only the warring leaders of the people of Russia, who are at fault in these times. All of the leaders of the world are being lured, mostly knowingly, yet some unwittingly, into implementing a chain of events eventually leading to another world war – a third war conflagration that will surpass all other world wars.

You, my people, do not want these wars which will do nothing but create more destruction and death throughout the world. I know it is difficult for many of you to accept that there are world leaders and global elitists with their self-obsessed interests, who are implementing this plan of world war, because it works in their best interests to evermore increase their power and control over the people of the world.

Now that you know this, you must petition the Pontiff in Rome to make a stand on behalf of the people of the world, who are faithful to My Son Jesus, the Redeemer of the world. The Pontiff in Rome must confirm and reaffirm the Consecration of the people of Russia, as well as the people of the world, to my Immaculate Heart, so there is no doubt that the Church of the Son of God stands firmly against the world leaders, who are promulgating these world wars.

The people of the world must unite in peaceful prayer to turn the tide of evil that is driving you all into an eternal conflagration. The people of the world have the power through their prayers to stop all wars and to usher in an Era of Peace – free at last of the bondage and slavery created by the evil one and his minions.

I ask you in these times to remember my words in prayer to St. Dominic eight centuries ago, when the most powerful prayer of the Rosary was promulgated to all of you, the children of God. Throughout these many centuries, those of you who turned to the powerful prayers of the Rosary were instrumental in preventing wars and ending other wars that the evil one very craftily implemented. Now, the evil one is planning the greatest conflagration to ever engulf humanity, and you must be aware of his plans.

Be ever vigilant now of the End Times events that are taking place, as I had always warned and prophesied to you. Now you hear and see the rumours of war and the threats of war by your leaders, many of whom are the minions of Satan.

The Pontiff in Rome must lead all of you through the power of the Rosary, which is more powerful than any of their weapons of destruction.

Therefore, I call upon you to hear my petition to you to the Pontiff in Rome. I call upon you to pray for the Conversion of Russia and its people as well as the conversion of the whole world. If my prayers and petitions are not answered, death and destruction will follow, just as I had warned in the past.

Yet, I know, my children, that this time you will not fail your Heavenly Mother, my Son the Redeemer of the World, and the Father in Heaven.

We will not desert you in your need. We ask that you consecrate yourselves to saving the world from its own destruction. You must be successful in your prayers in these times. Then, the world will experience a global transformation for the benefit and good of all souls living here on Earth.

The New Heaven and New Earth is my promise to you of the future.

So be it! According to the Father in Heaven!


February 1st, 2014
Message from Jesus of Divine Mercy
Our Lady Queen of Angels Eucharistic Chapel,
Newport Beach, California @ 1:20pm

Message from St Michael the Archangel

My dear son, it has been many years, since I first interceded in your life that was going so terribly wrong in the direction that the evil one intended for you in order to thwart you from the mission that I had intended in your life from the very moment of your creation in the mind of your loving Father.

You are very special to me, my son, and as special as all of my children, for my Eternal Love and my Divine Mercy extend to all of you, who have been created in a Loving Light to share the eternalness of a beautiful life in the Spiritual Realms. As part of your journey, you are living in the material world that gives one a perspective of your reality in a physical sense that is quite different from the spiritual reality that is your eternal home.

How far my children wander from the path that I have chosen for them, when they become involved in the pleasures of the earthly world. And you, my Son, you chose to immerse yourself in those pleasures, so that it was necessary for me to rescue you in a most profound way. And even in my attempts to rescue you, you fought me tooth and nail to preserve the old ways of the hedonistic life that you had chosen for yourself.

Alas, you are a stubborn soul, but your stubbornness had to be broken, because the earthly life that you had chosen was intended to give you great pleasure in the pursuits that you had chosen. No one other than your Father in Heaven knows how unmerciful you were to your spiritual health and well being, because of the path that you had chosen, immersed in alcohol and drugs and hedonistic living, so that my rescue of your soul had to be quite sudden, forceful, and as you know, incredibly profound for you to wake up from the sinful path that you had chosen for yourself.

Now you are asking me why is it that I chose to interrupt your life so profoundly? And I answer to you: It is because of my Divine Mercy for my children that I rescue the most belligerent among you to bring you back into the fold of the Loving Father in Heaven. All of My children are entitled to my Divine Mercy to save your souls from the chains of the evil one, who wishes only ill will for you and your soul and to bind you into an eternal existence of darkness.

It is because you have chosen to accept my Divine Mercy for you, as well as my Divine Will for your eternal soul that you are now living your life upon a path of goodness and worth that is what I want for you. You know this so well, because you have been shown quite specifically what my will is for you in this earthly journey.

Know this: That all of God’s children receive whatever it is that you need to become a loving individual in search of your true path back to your heavenly home.

Know this: That I answer the prayers of all of my children who reach out to me in their hour of need.

Know this: that none of you here on Earth are ever deserted by your Father in Heaven and by His Son the Redeemer of all of humanity, for it is my mission to return all souls to the Kingdom of the Father in Heaven.

So I say to all of you: Seek your eternal journey and your mission through me as the Redeemer of the world. Seek my Divine Mercy for your soul and my Divine Will for your mission in life.

Know this: that the path to eternal bliss is through my Loving Nature as the Son of the Father in Heaven. If you believe in Me and you seek Me in your prayers and meditation, you will find my Divine Mercy for you, and you will find the enlightenment to know what it is that I have chosen for you in your earthly life that will lead you to your final reward in the Kingdom of Heaven!

January 1st, 2014
Message from St Michael the Archangel
Our Lady Queen of Angels Eucharistic Chapel,
Newport Beach, California @ 10:00am

Message from St Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in this day of battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him; we humbly pray; and do Thou, Oh Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell, Satan and all the other evil spirits, who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls – and the destruction of my mission! Amen!

Lo and behold! It is the start of a New Year on your earthly calendar; a beginning of sorts, that has great meaning for all of you, whether or not you are the followers or believers in the Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world. This is an annual celebration and holiday to even the non-believers who, more so, choose this occasion as the opportunity to act out in ways that are less than holy, leading to debauchery, drunkenness, and despair.

In reality, the change of one calendar day and year to another calendar day and year is a continuum in the Eternal Realms that provides us with a gauge to check the pulse of all of humanity, which is on a one way journey, a collision course if you will, to the ultimate conclusion of the existence of all of humanity on this rock you call “Earth”, in the vastness of the Universe.

Do I convey to you a perspective in which you must judge your behaviors after listening to these words, as well as the words in many of the messages that you receive from Heaven?

Indeed, you must all recognize that you are on a journey here on Earth; that your journey here begins when you are gifted with an eternal soul that is infused into each and every mother’s womb from where you are nurtured into your earthly existence.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, the process of life here on Earth begins for you as the energy of the Holy Spirit provides you with the breath of life that allows life here on Earth to even exist. You must recognize then that the gift of life is the most essential principle on which your entire existence relies – each and every one of you – whether or not you even give recognition to the Son of God, or for that matter, His Father in Heaven, who is the Creator and is responsible for your very creation. Do you understand now how you even exist?

Well then, understand this principle: You are accountable to the Father Creator in Heaven, and to His Son, the Redeemer of the world, to conduct yourselves in this life accordingly and to recognize each and every day that you have a mission in life, and that mission in life is overseen by a loving Creator, who wants only the best in existence for His children in this realm, as well as in the Heavenly Realms from which you have come and to which you shall return, when your mission here on Earth has been completed.

Do you understand? If so, you must now recognize that all of the things in your life that have become so important to you must be put in second place to the responsibility that you have to yourselves, as well as to the Lord and Creator, to conduct yourselves accordingly in recognition of your destiny.

Therefore, you must take this opportunity now to firmly resolve that you will place your responsibility to your Lord and Saviour in first place in your hearts, and minds, and souls, and to relegate your trivial pursuits in life to the trash heap of human existence. It is important that you do what I ask now, if you have not done so before, because of the times in which you live.

Many warnings and messages from Heaven have been foretelling and prophesying to you of the End Times. You are now in this End of Times period, when very shortly, the impact of my words will be felt deeply and understood by all of you. End Times events are unfolding now very rapidly, more rapidly than before.

As the Earth itself seems to have lost its balance, you may also lose your balance in your lives, unless you become firmly grounded in the roots that you have been provided to understand the plan that the Father in Heaven has for you in these End Times.

It is important then for you to recognize this principle, because increasingly now you will experience and witness that the Earth is becoming more unstable both physically and spiritually, and that your entire existence seems to be increasingly more in a state of flux than a state of permanency. However, to think that you may live in a state of permanency is not healthy, because there is no permanency; there is only change and growth leading all of you in the one direction, which leads you full circle to your Lord and Creator.

Am I sharing with you ideas and principles that are unfamiliar to you? If so, you have much work to do, and I caution you strongly, because of the events that will occur in the not too distant future.

Be prepared to find your solid ground in prayer, meditation, and worship, because you will need a solid foundation to survive the great shaking that will soon occur. Those of you who are familiar with the prophesies and the warnings are aware that the Great Shaking will occur, and now it will occur even more rapidly, because of the increase of sin in this world at a time when most of you should be warning the others among you that the time is near.

But what is “time” near to now? We are very quickly entering a period of time when the Great Shaking will occur that will cause tremendous fear, panic, and suffering, particularly for those who are uninformed. However, if you are truly a Powerful and Prayerful Warrior in the army of your Lord and Saviour, the coming events may not be too frightening for you to acknowledge and accept.

But accept this: The time is near for the Great Shaking; so prepare yourselves, your family members, and friends for what may occur.

The fate of humanity is collectively in your hands, Oh Faithful Servants of the Lord and Saviour. Even though you may not completely understand the vision of the Lord and Saviour, you will nevertheless, acknowledge that you are loved by God in Heaven, who will lead you through these End Times, leading you finally to your Heavenly Home, where He will greet you in His loving arms, if you so choose - depending on how you conduct yourselves here until that time comes.

And now, knowing this, what is it that you have to fear in your lives?

If you are living in the Lord, you will be protected!

So be it!

Thanks be to God!

December 1, 2013 St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA @ 9:00am

Message from St Michael the Archangel

Behold! I am Michael the Archangel, the Protector of the Church of Your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and I am here today to warn all of the true followers of the Church of Jesus Christ that a great cloud of darkness is descending upon the Church of your Lord and Saviour. It is a great cloud of darkness before a dark storm of turbulence, chaos, and violence that is being perpetrated upon the true Church of Jesus Christ by the dark foes in the dark realms as well as by their minions here on Earth.

The Vatican, which is the authority of the Redeemer Son’s Church, is under attack most viciously now from the dark forces and their earthly demons:

  • For you are now in the End Times of this civilization – which is not the end of the world - but the end of the world as you once knew it.
  • For the Great Changes and Great Events of these End Times are soon to occur, causing all of you to tremble in fear and self-pity, but not if you are truly Powerful Spiritual Warriors of the Lord.
  • For the true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will have no fear during these terrible times, for the minions of evil will have no power over those of you who are the true followers.
  • For a mantle of protection through the power of the Holy Spirit is ever present now among all of you, who choose to seek this protection in these End Times, and I ask of you, neigh I beg of you, to seek the protection of the Mantle of the Holy Spirit in these troubling times.

It is important now that the true believers of the Church address their allegiance to the Papal Authority of the Vatican and of the Son’s chosen successor, the leader of the Church in Rome.

The Chosen Pope to lead the Church through these End Times is under tremendous pressure from various sources even within the Vatican to pursue a course for the Son’s Church that is not in the plan of the Father in Heaven, nor of His Son. There are those within the hierarchy of the Church, who are bent on the destruction of the Church that the Lord and Saviour has promised you – a Church that will not be put asunder.

There are forces that are aligned with the evil one, who is hell-bent in his final days of loathing to make a final attack upon the Papacy and the Redeemer’s Church, because the dark forces know that only the Church of the Father’s Son will save the many souls here on Earth from the wrath and the fury of the evil one.

It is important now for all of you to support the efforts of the Father’s Chosen Pope to lead the Church through these end times. Only the power of your prayers in cooperation with the plans of the Redeemer, the Lord and Saviour, will assist in the Pope’s efforts to bring the Church through these turbulent times.

Do not approach the future with fear and speculation concerning the events that are yet to come. The events will unfold in time that are necessary to bring about a great transformation for the better for humanity, and your participation in the plan of the Father is a necessary part of you salvation, as well as the salvation of your family members and friends.

Be wary of those who are quick to attack the Church, the authority of the Vatican, and the intentions of the Pope, who has been chosen in these times, for He is inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He will lead the Church here on Earth, because he has been inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks Be To God!
St Michael the Archangel

Message ended 9:16am

November 2, 2013 – All Souls Day
St. Peregrine’s Chapel
Mission San Juan Capistrano, California @ 1:45pm

Warning from Our Lady of Light...

My son, I come to you today as your Lady of Light, and I come to you with a serious warning to the people of the world that you are now in the final chapter of the events of the End Times, and to warn you, furthermore, that the ‘Great Events’ of the End Times are soon to be upon you.

It is with a heavy heart that I bear this message today, but the time has come for such events that are necessary to bring about a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’ in this era of mankind’s journey here on Earth.

You have been aware and have been made aware of these ‘End Times’ events by many different prophets from the ancient world, as well as from the modern world. Despite our best efforts from the Heavenly Realms to get the inhabitants of the Earth to listen to the warnings, mankind has not reacted positively or favorably to the Messages of the Father in Heaven warning all of you of the great events that are about to come.

For many days, and years, and centuries, the tide of the Last Days’ events could have been thwarted, postponed, or ameliorated, but you are now in the times, because of mankind’s rejection of the Father in Heaven, when the ‘End Times’ events will occur.

These events will necessarily be harsh now, because of the failure of mankind to respond to God’s plan for all of you. The opportunities that have presented themselves for mankind to turn the tide of events for the better have been squandered by the materialism and greed; the thirst for power among your leaders; and the folly of your leaders in turning their backs to the Father in Heaven, thinking that they can countermand the authority of the Father in Heaven over all of mankind.

The knowledge of the greatest sin of your civilization has been conveyed to you, as well as to many other messengers in many different messages, but again mankind has not listened to the voices in Heaven that have been warning you in this regard.

The flagrant disregard of the sanctity of human life is the primary cause of all the trials and tribulations that you are now going through and will continue to go through, as long as you as a civilization continue to flagrantly disregard the important and value of all human life.

You can see the results of this flagrant violation of the sanctity of life through the terrible events that are now taking place, giving you witness to the fact that humanity has lost its way, when it comes to the understanding that without life, nothing would exist.

It was never the plan of the Father in Heaven to delegate to humanity under any circumstances the right to terminate life at any stage of life from the inception of the soul into humanness in the form of a corporeal body, until the time of God’s intended natural death, when each and every one of you returns to the Heavenly Realms of the Father in Heaven, as it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven, and not by an act of mankind that is in contradiction to the will of the Father.

Is it so difficult for all of you to understand? Is it impossible for you to recognize the sanctity of life at all stages of life?

Apparently it is so, because the evil one has had his way with the world until now, and it has been his plan to destroy life at any stage of life, as it has been his plan to destroy everything that is good and created by the Father in Heaven, who is responsible for creating and promulgating all life - to the eternal chagrin and damnation of the Father’s enemy, the evil one and master of all wrongful deaths.

So successful has the evil one been in convincing humanity that there is no value or regard for human life, that the world has been reduced to the sad state of affairs in which you find yourselves today.

There are powerful world leaders hiding in the shadows of your governments, who are manipulating all of you and doing the work of the evil one. It is part of their plan to create a new world order to extinguish most of the inhabitants of the world and to reduce the world’s population to a fraction of the souls alive today - for the sole purpose of gaining complete control over all of you, who still remain here on Earth during these trying times of the Tribulation.

In the end, they will not get their way with their evil plans, for the Father in Heaven will triumph overall.

In the meantime, the world must be put through these terrible trials and tribulations to purge the Earth of all the evil that exists today. In evil’s finality, the evil one and his minions will be cast into the darkness and the eternal flames. Only then will humanity be released from the bondage created by the evil one.

When this great event is accomplished, the New Heaven and New Earth will be created as the Father has ordained.

So Be It!

According to the Father in Heaven!

Message ended at 2:07pm
Our Lady of Light

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